Shake N Bake Okra … and I helped!

I’m sure they sell okra in Kansas, but I wouldn’t know, because the Graebner’s didn’t eat it. I could barely pick it out of a line up. Okra was right up there with zucchini and tilapia. Completely foreign entities.

I can’t remember the first time I had fried okra. If I had to guess, I’d say it was in Couch Cafeteria as a freshmen at OU. Pretty sure I thought nothing of it. But then I moved to Texas. I saw fried okra on more menus than I had in my whole life combined. Friends served roasted okra for dinner. HEB had bins of okra on sale and I actually knew what it was! I began becoming more familiar with this odd, slimy vegetable… And then I met Cary. Fried okra just so happens to be his side dish of choice. So like any good girlfriend/wife, whenever he ordered fried okra, I would always take “just a bite to try”. Soon, I too discovered an affection for the salty, breaded, fried green globs.

Cary’s mom makes very good fried okra. I’m sure that’s where his love began. We’ve been married almost six years now, and I have made fried okra exactly TWO times. Y’all, it’s a booger to make. Really, anything fried is a booger to make. You have to “dredge” it. If a recipe calls for “dredging”, you can count me out 98% of the time.

okra 3Why tell you all this? Well, I’ve been hungry for fried okra lately, but I am just far too lazy to make it. I got to thinking – is there a faster way than fried? Sure, I could just chop it up and roast it, but then you risk the slime and miss out on the crunchy stuff! And then it occured to me:


And the answer is… No. Nothing beats the crunchy, greasy goodness of real fried okra. BUT my Shake-n-bake Okra was pretty good. It was super fast, easy, and the whole family loved it (yup, Maddie gobbled it up!). And it was healthier than using all of that oil. I will definitely be making it again.

okra 2

– 1 box of Kraft Shake-N-Bake
(includes 2 packets of breading mix)
– 1 bag of frozen okra slices
(use straight from freezer no need to thaw!)
– A few dashes of seasoning salt
(Lawry’s, Tony chachere’s, etc)
– 1 egg
– foil
– 1 gallon-sized Ziploc bag

Preheat oven to 400*
Line baking pan with foil (for easy clean up!)
Whisk one egg in a large mixing bowl. Sprinkle a few dashes of seasoning salt into egg.
Dump bag of frozen okra into bowl and mix to coat all of the pieces with egg.
Pour both packets of Shake-N-Bake into a gallon ziploc bag (the bags that come with the shake-n-bake are too small for a full bag of okra)
Pour okra pieces into bag with breading
Shake to coat
Pour coated okra onto the baking pan
Throw ziploc bag away
Bake for 15-20 minutes (mine took closer to 20 minutes)
Cool for a few minutes, but enjoy while still warm.
Throw foil away
Put pan back in cabinet (I told you, easy clean up!)



1 thought on “Shake N Bake Okra … and I helped!

  1. That really looks good. We’ll have to try it. Okra is one of our favorites. Pan fried, deep fried, baked or even pickled, it’s all good. Sometimes fresh okra can be hard to find in Oklahoma.

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