Across the Lot

The leadership at our church has been thinking and discussing and discerning what the future of our church will look like. Throughout that process, there has been a lot of talk involving the campus ministry – the role of the campus ministry and our students in the life of the church, and the role of the church in the life of Longhorns for Christ. It was during a time of discernment that I wrote this poem. I wrote it (and you can read it) from two perspective: as a member of UA speaking to LFC, and from LFC to UA.

University Avenue Church of Christ

Across the lot
God is working
We are messy
We are longing
Filled with love
Love for God
Love for Others
There are powerful stories
Walk beside me
Tell me your story
I’ll tell you my story
On the outside
We seem different
On the inside
We are the same
This is our desire
More of Jesus
More of Spirit
More of Family
More of You
I need you
Won’t you come?
Across the lot

Longhorns for Christ


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